Friday, December 13, 2013

Forgot my gloves at 360 N. Rockingham Avenue, Brentwood.

OJ Simpson's Home - 360 N. Rockingham Avenue, Brentwood. 

We all know the house... When OJ led police on a horribly slow chase down the I-405 in LA he wound up here... His Brentwood home. Although the house was knocked down in 1998, this is the site where OJ finally surrendered to the police.

360 N. Rockingham Avenue, Brentwood. The $5 million Tudor mansion of O.J. Simpson, where he and Nicole were married, where he was arrested for her murder on June 17, 1994 (following the Bronco freeway chase), and where he lived after being found "not guilty" in the trial. Simpson's house became an unusual tourist attraction in the months following the tragic events. He was forced to sell the home after losing a civil lawsuit. In July of 1998, the new owner of the estate bulldozed the home and all of the other buildings on the property. (The property is located north of Sunset Blvd, at the southeast corner of Rockingham & Ashford)

The Tudor revival architecture of the 20th century first manifested itself in domestic architecture beginning in the United Kingdom in the mid to late 19th century based on a revival of aspects of Tudor style. It later became an influence in some other countries, especially the British colonies.

The emphasis was on the simple, rustic, and the less impressive aspects of Tudor architecture, imitating in this way medieval cottages or country houses. Though the style follows these more modest characteristics, items such as steeply pitched roofs, half-timbering often infilled with herringbone brickwork, tall mullioned windows, high chimneys, jettied (overhanging) first floors above pillared porches, dormer windows supported by consoles, and even at times thatched roofs, gave Tudor revival its more striking effects.

The amazing thing about the current address and house that is located there now is that the homeowners have essentially done the same thing that the owners of the Carpenters house did. The residence is covered in plants. The house is almost invisible to see. My Dad and I drove by the location but the only thing that we saw were a bunch of oddly placed bushes, trees and plants.

  John Morrison

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