Sunday, December 8, 2013

McAlmon Residence, Rudolph Schindler, 1936

Between 1920 -1950, the Los Feliz-Silver Lake area of Los Angeles produced more first-rate modern architecture than any other region in the United States.  Part of this is because of the residence of great architects like R.M. Schindler.  The inspiration of the new architecture style came from the migration of European intellectuals in the 1930s.  Wanting to use the environment around them such as the sun heightening the angularity of modern architecture and the year round gardens creating a backdrop of contrast to the box shaped, steel, glass, and concrete houses.

McAlmon Residence:                  

This striking property demonstrated Schindler's ability to take a small single family home and transform it into a hip International style duplex.  With the addition of overhanging roofs and other Schindler trademarks, the architect has created a very pleasing design. It is 700 square feet, with one bedroom and one bathroom, a fireplace, and a washer/dryer.  Definitely a lot of architectural packed into a small structure. 

There are noticeable beautiful little compositions everywhere.  Red ceiling is in the master bedroom. Color schemes throughout are by color consultant Dorian LaPadura. Color is a brick red but seems to change throughout the day and night. The darkness and lightness of the tone get interesting, but the reflectivity against the "atrium white" walls is even more interesting.

Kristopher Turner

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