Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gavin Liddick - Worker 7

                                    Worker 7                            
                                 Gavin Liddick                          
          INT. SWEATSHOP                                                
          A couple dozen Oriental workers are sitting in their individual          
          stations, which consists of nothing but fabric and a sewing    
          machine. The sound of sewing machines fills the room, and      
          nobody is seen talking to one another. A man in a suit        
          holding a cane walks slowly between the isles of workers,      
          keeping watch over them as they work. There are piles of      
          socks in front of each worker, the piles grow bigger slowly    
          over time. We see one of the workers with a name tag that      
          says "Worker 7".                                              
          WORKER 7 is a small oriental women, where she originally came    
          from is unknown. She is dressed casually, but she does not    
          wear socks, only an old  pair of sandals.                      
          WORKER 7 looks ups at the clock, the time is 5:59 am. She      
          stares at the second hand as it slowly make its way around    
          the 9. Then 8...9...10...11...BAM. The man in the suit        
          smacks the cane on her desk. She is startled and looks up at  
          the angry man. Suddenly, a bells chimes. It is 6:00, the      
          work day is over. WORKER 7 quickly grabs her things and        
          makes a hasty exit.                                            
          EXT. CHINATOWN SUNRISE                                        
          WORKER 7 makes her way through an alley. She turns the        
          corner and a road appears, along with sidewalks. There are    
          restaurants, outdoor markets, and construction. She is in      
          Chinatown. She makes her way down the sidewalk, the sun        
          begins to come up over the taller buildings. The sound of      
          others talking, traffic, and construction can be heard. She    
          makes a turn into a taller building, an apartment complex.    
          She takes a shortcut through an outdoor market. A younger      
          boy and his friends comes running through, probably on their  
          way to school. The one in front bumps into WORKER 7, and a    
          key is dropped. WORKER 7 does not notice the key being        
          INT. APARTMENT BUILDING MORNING                                
          WORKER 7 stares at the elevator, it is out of order. She      
          moves towards the stairs. She makes her way up the flights    
          of stairs, 11 in total. The sounds of crying children can be  
          heard on her way up to the 11th floor. She reaches her        
          floor, and then reaches her door. A crying infant can be      
          heard from the other side of the door.  She goes to her bag    
          to grab her key. She suddenly realizes that she does not      
          have her key with her. She panics, and frantically dumps out  
          her bag in search of the key. She cannot find it, so she      
          gathers her things and quickly runs down towards the stairs.  

          EXT. CHINATOWN MORNING                                        
          She makes her way back to the street and begins to retrace    
          her steps. The sun is higher in the sky by now. She makes      
          her way past construction, restaurants, and more kids who      
          are running to make it to school on time, and reaches the      
          outdoor market. She pushes through other people in search      
          for the missing key. She then spots it on the ground in        
          front of her. Relieved, she turns and heads back towards her  
          apartment complex. The sun is slightly higher in the sky by    
          the time she makes it back to her apartment building.          
          INT. APARTMENT BUILDING MORNING                                
          Finally, she reaches her door again. The crying infant        
          inside is crying louder now. WORKER 7 frantically gets the    
          key into the door and into her apartment. She throws down      
          her things and goes over to an infant in the other room. She  
          tries to comfort the child by feeding it and changing it.      
          Once the child is at ease, there is silence. She goes to her  
          room, where the bed is unmade and clothes are scattered        
          across the floor. On the dresser, there is a picture of an    
          odler  couple, but the woman is not WORKER 7. She stares in    
          silence at the picture.                                        
          WORKER 7 heads towards the phone and dials a number. A man    
          picks up the phone.                                            
                              WORKER 7                                  
                         (with a heavy accent)                          
                    Hi. I..It is me again.                              
                         (with contempt)                                
                    Oh, of course, Ms...                                
                              WORKER 7                                  
                    I-I’m sorry to be calling. But do                    
                    you have any more information? Any                  
                    more information about my family?                    
                    No, I’m sorry I don’t. And listen I                  
                    told you this already, if there is                  
                    any word on the situation that I                    
                    would give you a call. Now next                      
                    time you...                                          

          CONTINUED:                                              3.    
          WORKER 7 hangs up the phone. She starts to cry a little but    
          holds herself back.                                            
          She gets up and wipes away a few tears. She goes back into    
          her bedroom and opens the top drawer of the dresser. Inside    
          is a bunch of dollar bills and even more change. It appears    
          to be her life savings. She stares at the money, and closes    
          the drawer again. She paces the room for a bit, opens the      
          drawer again, but quickly closes it.                          
          INT. KITCHEN NOON                                              
          WORKER 7 is sitting in her kitchen eating a light meal. She    
          sits quietly, she is not reading anything or watching          
          anything, she is just eating quietly. Her mind begins to      
                                                      FLASHBACK BEGINS  
          INT. SMALL APARTMENT KITCHEN DAY                              
          A family of four is sitting around a dinner table in a        
          different place. One of the four is WORKER 7, another is the  
          child, and the other two are the man and women from the        
          photograph. WORKER 7 is crying.                                
                              WOMAN FROM PHOTOGRAPH                      
                         (to WORKER 7)                                  
                    You don’t need to wait.                              
          WORKER 7 stares at the table and continues to cry.            
                              MAN FROM PHOTOGRAPH                        
                    Take your brother with you, he is                    
                    better off with you. Just for now.                  
          The WOMAN FROM THE PHOTOGRAPH reaches across the table to      
          grab WORKER 7’s hand. WORKER 7 quickly pulls it away.          
                                              CUT BACK TO PRESENT TIME  
          INT. KITCHEN NOON                                              
          WORKER 7 continues to sit in silence, staring across the      
          table, but only a wall is in front of her.                    

          INT. SWEATSHOP MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT                            
          WORKER 7 is seen working. She has complete focus on her job,  
          but she is visually upset and tired. She begins to fall        
          asleep. As soon as she is about to doze of, there is a        
          sound. SMACK! She jolts up and has a horrified and worried    
          look over face. She looks down a few aisles. One of the        
          other workers is seen being carried away.                      
                    No! Let go of me! I need to feed my                  
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    Get this thief out of my site!                      
          One of the other men working for the MAN IN SUIT digs into    
          the WORKER’s pockets. He pulls out extra lose change. She      
          had attempted to steal it.                                    
                    Please! I-I need it! My husband is                  
                    sick! He cannot work! No!                            
          The two men pick her up and take her towards the door. The    
          MAN IN SUIT opens the door and the two men carrying the        
          WORKER throw her out of the door. The door is quickly shut    
          behind her. WORKER’s muffled shouts can be heard on the        
          other side of the large metal door.                            
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    Get back to work! All of you!                        
          WORKER 7, now fully alert, continues to work. She is shaking  
          EXT. CHINATOWN MORNING                                        
          WORKER 7 is on her way home. As she walks along the            
          sidewalk, she looks over and sees the bus come to pick up      
          and drop off passangers. She stops and stares for a moment.    
                                                     ANOTHER FLASHBACK  
          EXT. CHINATOWN EVENING                                        
          WORKER 7 is shown getting off of the bus with her baby        
          brother in her arms. She looks around with slight amazement    
          at the area around her. She walks slowly along the sidewalk,  
          taking in the familiar, yet foreign buildings in her          
          surroundings. and sees an older American couple taking        
          pictures. She goes over to them.                              

          CONTINUED:                                              5.    
                              WORKER 7                                  
                         (in another language)                          
                    Excuse me, where is this address?                    
          She holds up a piece of paper.                                
                              OLDER MAN                                  
                    Uh, what now?                                        
                              WORKER 7                                  
                         (holds paper up to him)                        
                    Where is this?                                      
                              OLDER MAN                                  
                    I-I’m sorry dear, I don’t speak                      
                    your language.                                      
                              WORKER 7                                  
                         (trying to speak english)                      
                              OLDER MAN                                  
                              OLDER WOMEN                                
                    I think she meant apartment, dear                    
                              OLDER MAN                                  
                    Oh, oh apartment! Oh, let me see                    
          The OLDER MAN takes the paper and looks at it and finds the    
                              OLDER MAN                                  
                    Hmmmm...well it looks like it                        
                    should be right around here...                      
          He looks around and sees the apartment right across the        
                              OLDER MAN                                  
                    Well, wouldn’t you know it! It’s                    
                    right over there! Ha-ha!                            
          He points across the street, but WORKER 7 does not            
          understand. The OLDER MAN notices this.                        
                              OLDER MAN                                  
          WORKER 7 catches on to what he is trying to say.              

          CONTINUED:                                              6.    
                              WORKER 7                                  
          WORKER 7 stands in front of them staring up at the building    
          with a slightly amazed look on her face.                      
                                                   CUT BACK TO REALITY  
          EXT. CHINATOWN MORNING                                        
          WORKER 7 stares at the bus, then she stares up at her          
          apartment building. Her face is a look of disappointment.      
          She enters her apartment.                                      
          INT. APARTMENT BUILDING MORNING                                
          WORKER 7 is staring at the money in her drawer. A sad look    
          is on her face. She closes the drawer.                        
          WORKER 7 is sitting at the table staring at the wall. There    
          is a knock on her door, she is startled. She gets up quickly  
          and heads to the door and peeks through the peephole. It is    
          a man in a suit and tie. She quickly opens the door.          
                              WORKER 7                                  
                    Please come in, yes?                                
                    Um, I’m sorry I can’t. I only have                  
                    this letter for you.                                
          It is the same voice from the phone call. He hands her a      
          letter. WORKER 7 stands there holding the letter, silently.    
                    It is the beginning of a new week,                  
                    I’d like my payment now.                            
          WORKER 7 is not paying attention to her, she is staring at    
          the envelope.                                                  
          Her concentration is broken.                                  
                              WORKER 7                                  
                    Huh? Ah, yes. Wait.                                  

          CONTINUED:                                              7.    
          She heads into the back room towards the drawer and begins    
          counting out some of the money. She comes back with a          
          handful and gives the money to the MAN. He counts out the      
                    Very well. I’ll let you know if                      
                    anything else comes up.                              
          He walks away and WORKER 7 closes the door.                    
          She takes the envelope to the table and opens it up. There    
          is a letter inside, the letter is in a different language. A  
          voice over reads the letter.                                  
                    Daughter, we are very sorry that we                  
                    have not yet been able to make it                    
                    to America. Times are getting                        
                    tougher here and we cannot make                      
                    enough money to make the move out                    
                    to you. We are afraid that we won’t                  
                    be able to make it this year, or                    
                    even the next. Please, take care of                  
                    your brother, and maybe someday we                  
                    will be reunited.                                    
          The v.o. ends and WORKER 7 is staring at the letter. She      
          begins to cry.                                                
          INT. SWEATSHOP                                                
          WORKER 7 is working quietly. Every few seconds she glances    
          around the room carefully, monitoring the location of every    
          person in the room. She watches as the MAN IN SUIT watches    
          over everybody else. Then, a man comes in and gets his        
          attention and takes him into another room.                    
          There is a desk in the corner of the room where the MAN IN    
          SUIT sits and counts up the money to give to each employee.    
          WORKER 7 gets up and makes her way over to the desk quickly.  
          The other workers stare at her with eyes wide, but are too    
          afraid to stop working or even to say a word. She makes it    
          to the desk and opens one of the drawers. Inside one drawer    
          is a stack of money. She quickly reaches in and grabs          
          handfuls of money and puts it into her pockets. She hears      
          the two men arguing in the other room, so she quickly closes  
          the drawer and heads back. The other workers are amazed at    
          her courage, but are also terrified of what could happen.      
          MAN IN SUIT comes back out and continues to make his rounds.  
          He does not think to check the drawers since he only pays      
          the workers at the end of a shift.                            

          The end of the shift arrives. Instead of staying to receive    
          payment, WORKER 7 makes a hasty exit, unnoticed, just as the  
          MAN IN SUIT sits down at the desk as worker line up to get    
          EXT. CHINATOWN MORNING                                        
          WORKER 7 makes her way out to the alley, and just as she      
          does she can hear the MAN IN SUIT yelling. She begins to run  
          towards the outdoor markets, hiding herself among the          
          others. She has made her escape.                              
          INT. APARTMENT BUILDING MORNING                                
          WORKER 7 is staring into her money drawer again. There is      
          now a much larger amount and she is excited. She hurries to    
          the telephone and makes a phone call.                          
                              WORKER 7                                  
                    I think I have enough now, please                    
                    be here soon!                                        
                    What? Oh, right, right,                              
                    right...okay hold on.                                
          He hangs up. WORKER 7 hangs up and she is more excited.        
          She goes to the money drawer and gathers up all of the        
          There is a knock at the door and WORKER 7 quickly heads over  
          to the door to answer. Without looking through the peephole    
          she opens the door. It is the MAN IN SUIT and two other men.  
          WORKER 7’s face has a paralyzed look on her face.              
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    I heard from the other, workers,                    
                    that you have some things that                      
                    belong to me. Is that correct?                      
          WORKER 7 stares silently                                      
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    Now, I could have the police                        
                    involved in this, but that would                    
                    make things too much of a hassle, I                  

          CONTINUED:                                              9.    
                              MAN IN SUIT (cont’d)                      
                    think it is better for us to work                    
                    out things this way. Don’t you                      
          She continues to stare.                                        
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    I hope you realize that no matter                    
                    what happens that you will no                        
                    longer be getting any more work,                    
                    correct? That means no more                          
                    payment, so no more food.                            
                    Eventually, no more place to live.                  
          WORKER 7 says nothing.                                        
          Frustrated, the MAN IN SUIT looks over to one of the men and  
          nods her way. One of the men begin to enter the apartment.    
          At that moment, the MAN comes up the stairs and into the      
                    Well, well, what is this?                            
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    None of your concern, who might you                  
                    I’m, uhh, a friend of this young                    
                    women, who might you be?                            
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    The same.                                            
                    Is that right? Well, you wouldn’t                    
                    mind if I borrowed our friend here,                  
                    would you?                                          
          The MAN IN SUIT holds back his anger.                          
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    This women is a thief, she has                      
                    stolen from me!                                      
                    Then why don’t you call the police?                  
                    File a report? I’m sure that                        
                    they’ll be able to help you out and                  
                    with the situation, right?                          

          CONTINUED:                                             10.    
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                         (holding back anger)                            
                    It is not that simple...                            
                    Oh? And why is that?                                
                              MAN IN SUIT                                
                    It is none of your concern.                          
                    Hmph. Then I guess we will be on                    
                    our way.                                            
          He looks to WORKER 7                                          
                    I see your things are packed, grab                  
                    your brother and come along, will                    
          WORKER 7 does what she is told and quickly leaves with the    
          Once outside, they get into a taxi that is waiting for them.  
                    Airport, please.                                    
          WORKER 7 smiles at the MAN and he smiles lightly back at      
          her. The taxi takes off as the sun is seen rising into the    

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